Thursday, August 27, 2009

True Colors

Well, his true colors came out in a big way. I have been enjoying the life of the cougar with my young boyfriend up until last week. We were totally getting along, spending practically every night together. He would come over and cook me dinner and hang out with me and watch TV with my son sound asleep in the other room. We were enjoying the quickie daliances that couples enjoy when there is a kid involved. Then, I was working a temp job one night and suggested we go out. He said he would go ahead as I was getting off late. He was two beers ahead of me when I arrived (he had also enjoyed several beverages with his friend before). I met him at our local bar. He was very ornery right from the start (Perhaps said friend had riled him up?). He gave me a hard time about not having found a job yet (even though I was paying for the night because he didn't have money from his part time job). I blew that off. But then, we arrived at the bar only to find he knew a girl that he had supposedly not slept with, only dated. She was with another guy. He decided to obsess over that and wanted to pick a fight with the guy. I told him he was being ridiculous, that he was with me - yea! NOT! He kept obsessing over them and was set on picking a fight. He told me I wasn't being supportive, that he needed a girl that was supportive. I told him I couldn't support him fighting with a total stranger over some girl he supposedly "dated once". We argued unitl we went back to his place.

The next morning, he awoke early for work and I told him I wanted to go home (so as not to have to pee in his parents' bathroom which he shared). He got mad at me! Then he said "I can't do this anymore, we're over and done."

He was supposed to go to a wedding weekend with me the next day at my parent's lake house and I haven't heard since.

What kind of closure is that? What kind of idiot am I for missing him right now? What an ASS!


Tricia said...

Absolutely bad closure..but you have to give yourself the closure,by analysing the relationshp n asking yourself if u really wanted it n if he was gud for did see his true colours that should tell u sth.
P.s > its okay to miss him

Aritul said...

How is life now? Any updates?